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Friday, September 11

[Quiz] History - Free Online Test (9th STD) Term 1

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TNPSC Free Online Test by TNPSC

Exam Portions
Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi 9th Std
Term 1 – Social Science - History
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10 Min
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TNPSC Free Online Test

  1. How were the kings of Egypt called as?
    1.  Rajan
    2.  Minister
    3.  Guru
    4.  Pharaoh

  2. What does the term Hieroglyphics refers to?
    1.  Holy river
    2.  Holy country
    3.  Holy temple
    4.  Holy picture

  3. What does the word ‘Sumerian’ means?
    1.  Black headed
    2.  Gift of river
    3.  Sweet river
    4.  Tribal people

  4. By which people was the ‘Hanging Garden’ built?
    1.  Mesopotamians
    2.  Assyrians
    3.  Sumerians
    4.  Babylonians

  5. Who was titled as ‘The world’s first Law Giver’?
    1.  Nebuchad Nezzar
    2.  Confucius
    3.  Hippocrates
    4.  Hammurabi

  6. By whom was the gun powder invented by?
    1.  Indians
    2.  Chinese
    3.  Babylonians
    4.  Egyptians

  7. Who was considered as the ‘Father of Western medicine’?
    1.  Ptolemy
    2.  Confucius
    3.  Aristotle
    4.  Hippocrates

  8. The total number of wars in the ‘Cross against the Crescent’is
    1.  8
    2.  10
    3.  17
    4.  11

  9. According to Feudalism to whom all the lands are belonged to?
    1.  Land lords
    2.  Priests
    3.  Kings
    4.  Knights

  10. Which period did the Jainism and Buddhism introduced various changes in the religious concepts over the world?
    1.  4th century B.C
    2.  6th century B.C
    3.  8th century B.C
    4.  5th century B.C

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