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Friday, September 26

[Quiz] General English - Find Out the Error - Free Online Tests

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Find Out the Error in the following Sentences / Spotting Errors

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  1. The questions are to be prepared in a month
    1.  No Error
    2.  The questions are
    3.  to be prepared
    4.  in a month

  2. This boy is the more intelligent boy in the class
    1.  in the class
    2.  intelligent boy
    3.  This boy is
    4.  the more

  3. I can't hear what you are said now
    1.  Said
    2.  What you are
    3.  I can't hear
    4.  No Error

  4. Select the Correct Sentence
    1.  Would our master live long!
    2.  Must our Master live long!
    3.  Might our master live long!
    4.  May our master live long!.

  5. For more informations please visit our blog.
    1.  Our Blog
    2.  Please Visit
    3.  For More
    4.  Informations

  6. Select the correct sentence
    1.  The teacher punished him to coming late
    2.  The teacher punished him for coming late.
    3.  The teacher punished him to come late
    4.  The teacher punished him by coming late

  7. The girl who sat besides him was his friend.
    1.  No error
    2.  who sat
    3.  was his friend
    4.  besides

  8. Select the correct sentence
    1.  The Ceiling is too high to touch
    2.  The Ceiling is too high too touch
    3.  The Ceiling is to high to touch
    4.  The Ceiling is to high too touch

  9. Select the correct sentence
    1.  How can long the students wait?
    2.  How long the students can wait?
    3.  How long can the students wait?
    4.  How longs the students wait?

  10. Select the correct sentence
    1.  If I am a butterfly, I will fly
    2.  If I were a butterfly, I would fly
    3.  If I am a butterfly, I would fly
    4.  If I was a butterfly, I would fly

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  1. for 7th question , answer is C ...

    " not HER friend " should come in question , instead of not his friend ....

    1. was HER friend .... not was his friend....

      (( sorry for the typing error in 1st reply ))


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