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Useful Study Materials:

Current Affairs:
  • History Latest diary of events – 
  • National ‐ National symbols ‐Profile of States‐
  • Defence, national security and terrorism‐
  • World organizations‐pacts and summits‐
  • Eminent persons & places in news‐
  • Sports & games‐
  • Books & authors ‐Awards & honours‐
  • Cultural panorama‐
  • Latest historical events‐ 
  • India and its neighbours‐ 
  • Latest terminology‐
  • Appointments‐who is who?
History and culture of India
  • Pre‐ historic events
  • Indus valley civilization‐
  • Vedic, Aryan and Sangam age‐
  • Maurya dynasty‐
  • Buddhism and Jainism‐
  • Guptas, 
  • Delhi Sultans, 
  • Mughals and Marathas‐
  • Age of Vijayanagaram and the bahmanis‐
  • South Indian history‐
  • Culture and Heritage of Tamil people‐
  • Advent of European invasion‐Expansion and consolidation of British rule

Location: Danish Fort (Tranquebar/ Tarangambadi)
Photo Credits: Anish

  • Effect of British rule on socioeconomic factors‐
  • Social reforms and religious movements‐India since independence‐
  • Characteristics of Indian culture‐
  • Unity in diversity –race, colour, language, custom‐
  • India‐as secular state‐
  • Organizations for fine arts, dance, drama, music‐ 
  • Growth of rationalist, 
  • Dravidian movement in TN‐
  • Political parties and populist schemes –
  • Prominent personalities in the various spheres – Arts, Science, literature and Philosophy – 
  • Mother Teresa, Swami Vivekananda, Pandit Ravishankar , M.S.Subbulakshmi, Rukmani Arundel and J.Krishnamoorthy etc.
  • National renaissance
  • Early uprising against British rule
  • 1857 Revolt
  • Indian National Congress ‐ 
  • Emergence of national leaders‐ Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore, Netaji ‐
  • Growth of militant movements ‐
  • Different modes of agitations‐
  • Era of different Acts & Pacts‐
  • World war & final phase struggle ‐
  • Communalism led to partition‐ 
  • Role of Tamil Nadu in freedom struggle ‐ Rajaji, VOC, Periyar, Bharathiar & Others ‐ 
  • Birth of political parties /political system in India since independence
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