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TNPSC Science Study Materials - Questions& Answers - TNPSC Physics, Chemistry, Biology Study Materials Download

In this page you will get the study materials in Tamil medium and English Medium for TNPSC General Science Syllabus for Group 1, Group 2, Group 2A, Group 4 and TNPSC and State Competitive Exams like TNUSRB, TRB, TET, TNEB, etc. We have also provided the Topic wise Previous Year TNPSC Science Questions and also other exams for you. Short notes for Science Also available here. TNPSC Previous year Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Zoology Questions. List of Reference Books for TNPSC Science.

TNPSC General Science Study Materials – Questions & Answers
Physics – இயற்பியல்
General Scientific Laws
பொது அறிவியல் விதிகள்
- Scientific Instruments
- National Scientific Laboratories
Properties of Matter, Force, Motion and Energy
பருப்பொருளின் பண்புகள், விசை, இயக்கம் மற்றும் ஆற்றல்

Everyday application of the basic principles of

அன்றாட வாழ்வில் & அடிப்படை கோட்பாடுகளின் பயன்பாடுகள்

Electronics and Communications
மின்னணுவியல் மற்றும் தகவல் தொடர்பியல்
Chemistry – வேதியியல்
Petroleum Products,
பெட்ரோலிய பொருட்கள்,
உயிரியல் – Biology
- Endocrine
- Blood - Circulation
Environment - சுற்றுப்புறச்சூழல்

TNPSC General Science Study Materials - TNPSC Physics, Chemistry, Biology Study Materials Download HERE

Physics Study Materials

Chemistry Study Materials
  • Elements and compounds ‐ 
  • Acids, bases and salts
  • Oxidation and reduction ‐ 
  • Carbon, nitrogen and their compounds ‐  ‐
  • Chemistry of ores and metals ‐ 
  • Biochemistry and biotechnology ‐ 
  • Polymers and plastics – 
  • Electrochemistry ‐ 
Biology Study Materials
  • Main concepts of life science ‐ 
  • The cell ‐basic unit of life ‐ 
  • Classification of living organism ‐ 
  • Nutrition and dietetics ‐ 
  • Respiration ‐ 
  • Excretion of metabolic waste ‐ 
  • Bio – communication ‐ 
  • Blood and blood circulation ‐ 
  • Endocrine system‐ 
  • Reproductive system‐ 
  • Animals, plants and human life ‐ 
  • Genetics ‐ the science of heredity ‐ Genetic Engineering
  • Environment, ecology, 
  • Bio ‐ diversity and its conservation
  • Fertilizers, Pesticides, Insecticides
  • health and hygiene,  ‐ Human diseases, prevention and remedies ‐ 
  • Communicable diseases and non ‐ communicable diseases ‐ 
  • Alcoholism and Drug abuse
  • Remote sensing and benefits
  • Natural disasters ‐ safeguard measures

  • Govt. policy /organizations on Science and Technology ‐ 
  • Role, achievement & impact of Science and Technology ‐ 
  • Energy ‐ self sufficiency ‐ oil exploration ‐ 
  • Defence Research Organization ‐ Ocean research and development ‐  ‐ 
  • Computer science and advancement ‐ 

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