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Sunday, December 7

TNPSC General English Study Materials - Part B-1 Figures of Speech

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TNPSC General English Study Materials Download

Part B -1 Figures of Speech  - TNPSC General English Study Materials

    Figures of Speech for TNPSC Exams 

    Repeating initial consonant sound in several words in same line

    Indirect Reference to something (object, place, event, etc.,)

    Comparison between two objects - comparison words like, so, as,,, will be used

    Comparison between two objects - comparison words is not used

    Personification – 
    Attributes life to non living objects

    Oxymoron –
    Using contradictory terms (opposite terms)

    Onomatopoeia – 
    Words denoting the sound produced by an act, object, etc..,

    Anaphora – 
    Using a pronoun like terms to denote something that already mentioned in the sentence

    Ellipsis -
    Omission of a part of sentence or word without altering the meaning

    Rhyme Scheme - 
    Order of the words with similar sound

    Rhyming Words –
    Using words with similar sound

    Repetition – 
    Repeating words or phrases in consecutive lines or same line

    Speaking to an imaginary object or person

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