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Tuesday, March 1

[TNPSC Biology Study Materials]Main concepts of life science-TNPSC Biology Study Materials-TNPSC Botany Study Materials

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Main concepts of life science

Life Science
Life science is a branch of science which deals with the scientific study of living organisms which includes micro organisms, plants and animals including human beings.
Important Facts 

  1. Life science has many branches like botany, zoology, etc., 
  2. Biology is the Study of Plants and Animals
  3. Biology can be divided into two main branches
    1. Botany - Study of Plants
    2. Zoology - Study of Animals
  4. Some of the Sub branches are
    1. BaCteriology - Study of Bacteria
    2. ViroloGy - Study of Virus
    3. Phycology - StUdy of Algae
    4. Mycology - Study of Fungi
    5. Cytology - Study of Cell
  5. Important Terms coined by (* Important note: Coined by is different from Discovered by)
    1. Biology - Lamarck and TreRiranus
    2. Cell - Robert Hooke
    3. Protoplasm - Purkinje
    4. Genetics - W Bateson
    5. Vaccine - Edward jenner
  6. Considered as father of
    1. Aristotle - Father of Biology and Zoology
    2. TheophrastUs - Father of Botany
    3. Gregor Johann Mandel - Father of Genetics
    4. Carl Linnaeus - Father of Modern Taxonomy
  7. Try it yoUrself - Who Discovered this?
    1. Cell
    2. Nucleus
    3. Cell wall
    4. Microscope
    5. Virus
    6. Bacteria
    7. Penicilin

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