TNPSC VAO Basics Study Materials Ebook PDF Download Online - Basics of Village Administration Study Materials - TNPSC VAO Study Materials - TNPSC GURU - TNPSC Group 2A/2 Apply Online - Join Test batch


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Friday, August 21

TNPSC VAO Basics Study Materials Ebook PDF Download Online - Basics of Village Administration Study Materials - TNPSC VAO Study Materials

TNPSC VAO Basics Ebook PDF Download Online

TNPSC VAO Basics Ebook PDF Download Online for Basics Download Soon

TNPSC VAO Question Paper Pattern 2015
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Basics of Village Administration

Topics for Objective Type

1. The role, functions duties and responsibilities of a Village Administrative Officer in VILLAGE and REVENUE ADMINISTRATION.

[Questions may be on topics including VAOs role in assisting the police, reporting birth and death, implementing various schemes of the Government,
recommending / furnishing inputs for income, Community, Destitute Widow,
Marital Status, Patta and other adhoc and miscellaneous certificates]

2. Records of revenue administration dealt with or handled by the VAO including ‘A’ Register, Patta, Chitta Adangal etc.

3. Accounts maintained and furnished by the VAO at the end of every FASLI YEAR.

4. Basic Principles / Information relating to classification of lands.

5. Basic information on rates of assessment and annual revenue collection

6. Basic information on forms of irrigation of land including those belonging to the Government

7. Jamabandi-object, Officers in charge of conduct, time of completion of Jamabandi, scrutiny of inspection work, correction of pattas, issue of new patta, disposal of jamabandi check memo, closing of Village and Taluk Accounts, Village Statistical Registers, inspection of Karnams instruments maps and Registers (RSO- 12) scrutiny of accounts relating to Panachayat revenue.

8. Role of VAO during calamities

9. Basic information relating to assignment of lands / house sites in Villages and Towns.

10. Grant of lands for cattle or dairy farms

11. Levy of rents (Ground Rent / Quit Rent) etc.,

12. Exemption from land revenue.

13. Unauthorised occupation of Government land basic information about Land Encroachment Act 1905. Memorandum ‘A’, Memorandum ‘B’ etc.

14. Title of lands (RSO 27) form, renewal, issue and entry of joint names in patta

15. Rights and obligations of Ryotwari holder.

16 Procedure relating to conduct of inquiries in relation to age, marital status, income, domicile.

17. Procedures relating to entering particulars into maintaining and issuing extracts of Adangal, Chitta and other revenue Registers.

18. Basic principles of and procedures involved in survey, sub-division of a survey field and knowledge of Field Management Book.

19. VAO’s role in enforcing the fundamental duties of a citizen under article 51A (g) of the Indian Constitution to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life and to have compassion for living creatures”.

20. Direct Revenue collections made under various heads by the VAO.

21. Specific duties during festivals and common Village functions

22. Basic information about Revenue Recovery Act

23. Basic information relating to forest lands and resources.

24. Basic information about sale of sandalwood and other valuable tress

25. Basic information relating to Adivasis / Tribals and the role of a VAO in extending special protection and support of the Government to them.

Other Suggested Readings:

  • Pothu Arivu Ulagam VAO Special Edition 2014 by Nakkeeran Publications (TNPSC VAO Materails in Tamil)


  1. please upload all the tnpsc vao basics materials... Thanks for uploading

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  3. What is fasli jasthi?

  4. What are the rights of a ryotwari in tamilnadu?

  5. For basics of village administration tamil materials, you can select read in tamil option above...

  6. whether i am eligible to write vao exam in english

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  12. Sir my DOB is 06:04:1975 can I eligible
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  13. There was difference in VAO Exam pattern. In ur website "Basics of VAO" topis is included. But in notification as per TNPSC its not there. Please post the correct Exam pattern for CCSE - 4


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