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Thursday, April 10

TNPSC VAO Basics Part 8.1 - Role of VAO During calamities - Epidemic Disease

Basics of Village Administration Study Materials Part 8.1


For TNPSC VAO Basics Part 8.2 - Role of VAO During calamities - Cyclone and Floods


On occurrence of a case of Cholera, Small Pox or other
epidemic disease in a village, the Village Administrative Officer should
send a report to the Tahsildar, Executive authority of the local body and
Medical Officer/Health Inspector by the quickest method. The Tahsildar
should in turn inform the Collector, Chairman of Municipality, and the
District officials of the health and Medical Services Departments.
The Village Administrative Officer, should whenever fever
cases, both Malaria and Non Malaria exceed two percent, report to the
Tahsildars total Number of cases to the best of his judgement who in turn
shall report to the Public Health Authority, Medical Officer/Deputy Director
of Health Services concerned. Similar report should be sent for Cholera or
other epidemic cases. This must also be reported to the Public Health
Authorities. This should be sent daily so long as epidemic lasts.
The Tahsildar and other revenue officer in consultation with
the Health Inspector, Deputy Director of Health Services or in the absence
of these officers himself personally shall take such measures as necessary
to prevent the spread of the disease.
The Tahsildar, Deputy Tahsildar, Revenue Inspector and
Village Administrative Officer should remain in the affected area and assist
the Health Department Officials to eradicate the diseases (R.S.O.102).

Pending arrival of health/Medical Team the steps to be taken initially by the Village Administrative Officers are
1) Isolation and first aid treatment in case of Cholera.
2) Disinfection and disposal of all infective matter.
3) Cleaning of the infected locality and surroundings
4) Guarding of water supplies.

Revenue office at Taluk, Firka and Village level should
render assistance to the Health Staff to vaccinate to the


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