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Wednesday, May 21

[Modern India] Indian Renaissance - Study Materials

The socio-religious reform movements developed in the 19th century and after can be broadly classified into two categories.

  1. Reformist Movements
    1. Brahma Samaj
    2. Prarthana Samaj
    3. Aligarh Movement
    4. Young Bengal Movement
    5. Justice Movement
    6. Self Respect Movement
    7. Mahar Movement
  2. Revivalist Movements 
    1. Arya Samaj
    2. Ram Krishna Mission
    3. Deoband Movement
  3. Other Important Movements
    1. Ahrar Movement
    2. Ahmadiya Movement
    3. Deva Samaj
    4. Theosopical Movements
    5. Tatvabodhini Sabha
Reformist Movements

Brahma Samaj
  • Founder: Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  • Objective: To Purify Hinduism and to preach monotheism
  • In 1815, Raja Ram Mohan Roy established Atmiya Sabha which later paved the way for the development of Brahma Samaj.
  • Demanded right of inheritance and property for Women
  • Raja Ram Mohan Roy established Vedanta college in 1825
  • Took active role in Abolition of Sati
  • Condemned Polygamy and denounced Caste System
Prarthana Samaj
  • Founder: Atmaram pandurang
  • Uplift of Women
  • Justice Ranade who joined later promoted the Deccan Education Society
Aligarh Movement
  • Founder: Sir Syed Admed Khan
Young Bengal Movement
  • Founder: Henry Vivian Derozio
  • Got inspired from the French Revolution
  • Attacked old traditions, customs and superstition
  • Also organised debates against idol worship, caste-ism
  • Preached women's right and education
  • The followers were known as Derozians
Justice Movement
  • Founder: C.N. Mudaliar, T.M. Nair and P.T. Chetti
Self Respect Movement
  • Founder: E.V.R. Periyar
Mahar Movement
  • Founder: B. R. Ambedkar
Revivalist Movements 
Arya Samaj
  • Founder: Swami Dayananda
  • Motto: 'Go back to Vedas'
  • Started the Suddhi Movement - to bring back those Hindus who had converted to other religions.
Ram Krishna Mission
  • Founder: Swami Vivekananda (Real name: Narendranath)
  • 'Service to mankind is Service to God'
  • Attended the Parliament of Religions held in Chicago (USA) in 1893.
Deoband Movement
  • Founder: Mohammad Qasim Wanotavi and Rashid Admad Gangohi
Other Important Movements
Ahrar Movement
  • Founder: Maulana Mohammad Ali, Hasan Imam
Ahmadiya Movement
  • Founder: Mirza Ghulam Admad - al - Qadian
Deva Samaj
  • Founder: Shiva Narain Agnihotri
Theosopical Movements
  • Founder: H.P Blavatsky and M.S Olcott * One of the most frequently asked Question.
  • Objectives: To form universal Brotherhood of Man and to promote the study of ancient religions and philosophies.
Tatvabodhini Sabha 
  • Founder: Debendranath Tagore 
  • Preached Raja Ram Mohan Roy's ideas. 
  • Iswar Chandra Vidhya sagar made enormous effort to enact the widow remarriage act.

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