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Thursday, May 22

[Modern India] Moderate Phase 1885-1905 - Indian National Congress

Formation of INC
  • A.O. Hume a retired English civil Servant took several efforts to organize the First Indian National Congress Session.
  • W.C Banerjee Presided over the First Session of INC at Bombay in Dec 1885.
  • It is also opined that formation of INC was to provide a safety valve but don't have enough evidence to prove it.
  • To promote National Feeling among the people
  • To promote unity among the politically conscious Indians and political workers.
Major Achievements
  • They opposed and organised agitations against the economical policies of colonial nature.
  • They popularised the idea of swadeshi.
  • Demanded the expansion of legislative councils, hence the Indian Councils Act 1892 was passed. It increased the number of members of the Imperial Legislative council and provincial council.

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