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Saturday, September 20

[Quiz] General English - Phrases and its Meanings

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  1. Like a cat on hot bricks
    1.  No way to Jump
    2.  This or that
    3.  Very Nervous
    4.  The roof will be very hot in Summer days.

  2. Brain Child
    1.  One's real Ideas
    2.  Child of Brain
    3.  Very Talented
    4.  Child born with intelligence

  3. To be Chicken-hearted
    1.  Coward
    2.  Soft
    3.  Chrispy
    4.  Brave

  4. To Blow one's own trumpet
    1.  Praising one's own achievements
    2.  in a war trumpet will be blown by one's own
    3.  whistling one's trumpet loudly
    4.  whistling very slowly

  5. A jay walker
    1.  a pedestrian walking steadily
    2.  a pedestrian walking like a jackel.
    3.  a pedestrian crossing road carefully
    4.  a pedestrian crossing road without looking for traffic

  6. A storm in a tea cup
    1.  Quarrel for a tea cup
    2.  Whirl in the tea cup while stirring
    3.  Worrying about storm
    4.  Worrying about something that is not important

  7. Burn the mid night oil
    1.  High Electricity Bill
    2.  Forgetting to switch off the light
    3.  To work very late into the night
    4.  No power during the night

  8. Give Up
    1.  Borrowing
    2.  Giving to some above you
    3.  Give what you have
    4.  Admit defeat

  9. Stand Out
    1.  Standing always outside
    2.  Standing outside the class
    3.  Continue to resist
    4.  Making Friendship

  10. To lock the stable door after the horse has bolted
    1.  Keep Money Safely
    2.  Keep Horse Safely
    3.  Keep the door locked.
    4.  Acting Too Late

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