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Friday, October 3

[Quiz] Indian Economy - Free Online Test - 3 (8th STD)

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TNPSC Free Online Test by TNPSC GURU.in
Indian Economy

Exam Portions
Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi 8th Std
Economics - Unit-1 Money Saving and Investment
Indian Economy Online Test Series No: 3
No of Questions
5 Min
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TNPSC Free Online Test

  1. The term money is derived from the
    1.  Roman word
    2. Latin word
    3.  Sanskrit word
    4.  Greek word

  2. In barter system
    1.  Goods are sold and bought by money
    2. Goods are exchanged for goods
    3.  Goods are bought for money
    4.  Goods are sold for money

  3. Certain amount of money which is not spent on consumption is called as
    1.  Income
    2.  Consumption
    3. Savings
    4.  Debit

  4. Which of the following comes under the category of money
    1.  Coins and Currency notes
    2.  Cheques and Bills of exchange
    3.  Credit cards
    4. All the above

  5. Indian Rupee symbol is a combination of
    1. Devangiri and Roman
    2.  Roman and Sanskrit
    3.  Roman and Tamil
    4.  Tamil and Sanskrit

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  1. dr admin..the quest no.4 s wrong i guess..it comes under money category..instead of "does not come"..check it out and i find ths page s really useful

    1. yes you are right... i will change it...thanks for intimating..


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