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Saturday, August 20

Current Affairs - July 2016 - Current Affairs for TNPSC Exams -

TNPSC Current Affairs July 2016

  • Important Days
    • July 1 - National doctor's day
    • July 11 - World Population Day
    • July 18 - Nelson Mandela Day
  • World's Largest Spinning Wheel
    • The World's largest Spinning wheel (Chakra in Hindi) was unveiled at Indira International Airport in New Delhi.
  • Important Awards
    • Lidudumalingani  - South African writer who won the Caine Prize 2016 for his book 'Memories We Lost'
    • Raghuveer Chaudhari - Gujarathi writer who was awarded the 51st Jnanpith Award.[Very Important] 
  • Captain Radhika Menon
    • She became the first women in the world to receive the award for exceptional bravery Bravery at sea from the International Maritime Organisation (HQ: London, UK)
    • She is also the first women captain of India's Merchant Navy.
  • Lifeline Express
    • It is the world's first hospital on a train launched by Indian Railways in 1991 and it completed 25 years of its services to the nation.

  • Minimum Wage for Part time Workers
    • Rajasthan Became the first state in India to implement the minimum wage for the part time workers.
  • Happiness Department
    • Madhya Pradesh state became the first state in India to create a new department called as Happiness department that evaluates and formalates the measure to raise the state's happiness index.
  • Important Appointments
    • Pema Khandu
      • He was appointed as the new Chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh.
      • He also set a new record by becoming the youngest Person to be appointed as the chief minister of any Indian state.
  • Important Committies
    • Shankar Acharya Committee
      • The Union Govt has formed a new committee to examine the feasibility of new financial year for India under the Chairmanship of Shankar Acharya
    • Arvind Subramaniam Committee
      • Central Govt has appointed a committee to suggests measures to tackle the supply shortage and high prices of pulses under the chairmanship of Arvind Subramaniam.

Environment and Health
  • E-cigarette Banned
    • Kerala became the fourth state in India (first - Rajasthan) which banned the usage of electronic cigarette citing ill effects of its usage.
  • Fat Tax
    • Recently the Kerala State Government announced 14.5 % fat tax 
Science and Tech
  • Nivaran Portal
    • This portal was launched by the Railway Ministry for online registration of complaints by the railway employees including their former employees. 
  • JUNO Spacecraft
    • It is a spacecraft sent by NASA in 2011 to Jupiter.
    • It reached the orbit of the Jupiter Planet on 4th July 2016.
  • RFID Tagging of Containers
    • Jawaharlal Nehru Port in Maharashtra became the first port in India to tag the container with RFID tags.
    • Through this the container's movement can be tracked at several places.
  • Myspeed App
    • It is a mobile application launched by TRAI for the consumers to check their Internet speed.

  • 2nd BRICS Youth Summit 2016
    • It was held at Guwahati in Assam.
  • Y-20
    • It is the largest transport Military plane constructed by china which was inducted to its army recently.
    • It has the capability to lift 200 tonnes of weigth.
  • Big Brother Law
    • It was a nick name given to the controversial anti terror amendments passed by the Russian Parliament.
    • The nick name became popular after the condemnation of the law by Edward Snowden.
    • This law gives more surveillance powers to the security agencies.
  • Sushila Karki [Very Important for Upcoming Exams]
    • She was appointed as the first Women Chief Justice of Supreme court of Nepal.
  • Theresa May
    • She was appointed as the New Prime Minister of Britain UK.
    • She is also the second women to become the Prime Minister of Britain.
  • Sankat Mochan
    • It is the name of the operation taken by Indian govt to rescue the stranded Indian Citizens from South Sudan

  • Gurpeet Singh Sandhu
    • He is an Indian Football player named to play in the UEFA Europa League thus becoming the first Indian player to play in this europa league.

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