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Thursday, April 10

TNPSC VAO Basics Part 4 - Basic Principles / Information relating to classification of lands.

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Basic Principles / Information relating to classification of lands.

All cultivable lands receiving water from government irrigation sources are classified as wet.

Other lands are known as Dry.

Lands on the foreshore of the tanks or with high ridges to keep rain water are Manavari and this classification is found only in some Districts.

These lands have been held on pattas by the ryots for some of such lands, there might not be owners. Those lands have been classified as Assessed wastes and are under the control of the Government.

The lands set apart for the whole community are protected by the Government and are known as porambokes. The classification of some of such lands are as follows:-

Sl.No. Details       If vested in regulated Panchayat/section Under the Tamilnadu Panchayat Act 1994.
1. Village site
2. Irrigation Tanks
3. Ponds, Kulam and Kuttai
4. Road
5. Burial/Burning grounds. 125 /126 A
6. Grazing ground 134
7. Supply and other channels. 134
8. Canals
9. Thrashing floor.
10. Kallankuttu or unassessed waste 134
11. Forest (Reserve and unreserved)
12. Temple
13. School
14. Streams/Odais
15. Cattle stand or Mandeiveli 134
16. Cart stand 134
17. Topes 134

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