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Sunday, May 25

[Modern India] Militant Phase 1905 - 1916 Partition of Bengal, Swadeshi Movement, Surat Split

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Partition of Bengal
  • Soon after the formation of INC, Bengal became the nodal centre for the growth of nationalism. 
  • The British took the most important strategic weapon 'divide and rule'. They tried to divide the people among themselves based on caste, wealth, community,.. 
  • At last Division on the basis of Religion gave the expected result. 
  • On 20th June 1905. Lord Curzon issued an order for the division of Bengal into two 
    • Eastern bengal and Assam 
    • Western Bengal 
  • The partition came to effect on 16th October 1905. 
  • The Nawab of Dhaka Supported the partition. 
Swadeshi Movement
  • Mass meeting were held throughout Bengal to show their resistance to partition. 
  • A resolution to boycott foreign goods(Swadeshi) was passed in a meeting held in the Town Hall(Calcutta) on 7th August 1905. 
  • In madras the swadeshi movement was lead by V O Chidambaram Pillai. 
Surat Split
  • The moderates felt that the swadeshi movement should be confined to Bengal alone and it is not the right time for a massive movement across the country. 
  • The Extremists wanted the swadeshi movement to be extented throughout the country. 
  • This lead to the split among the member of the INC. This is known as surat Split. 
  • In 1907, INC Session took place at Surat under the leadership of Rash Behari Ghosh

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