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Sunday, May 4

[Quiz] Geography - Soils

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  1. A: Laterite soils are rich in Silica and Lime
    B: Laterite soils are generally red in colour.
    1.  Only A is Correct
    2.  Only B is Correct
    3.  Both A and B are Correct
    4.  None

  2. A: Khadar is the new alluvial Soil
    B: Bhangar is the Old Alluvial Soil
    1.  Only A is Correct
    2.  Only B is Correct
    3.  Both A and B are Correct
    4.  None

  3. Which one of the following do NOT helps in reducing soil Erosion?
    1.  Mixed Farming
    2.  Contour Bunding
    3.  Crop Rotation
    4. All of these helps in controlling Soil Erosion

  4. A: Peaty soils are rich in Organic Matter
    B: Alluvial soils are rich in phosphates
    1. Only A is incorrect
    2.  Only B is incorrect
    3.  Both A and B are Correct
    4.  None

  5. Which of the Following Soil is also called as Regur Soil?
    1.  Black Soil
    2.  Alluvial Soil
    3.  Forest Soil
    4.  Red and Yellow Soil

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