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Tuesday, July 29

[Quiz] World Geography - South America

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  1. Eastern Cardillera is located in
    1.  Brazil
    2.  Colombia
    3.  Chile
    4.  Argentina

  2. Pampas
    1.  Brazil
    2.  Argentina
    3.  Peru
    4.  Bolivia

  3. Guina Highlands is located in
    1.  South East of South America
    2.  Southern Part of South America
    3.  Northern part of South America
    4.  Western part of South America

  4. Which country among the following do not have coastal area?
    1.  Uruguay
    2.  Venezuela
    3.  Ecuador
    4. Paraguay

  5. Atacama Desert is located in
    1.  Chile
    2.  Brazil
    3.  Ecuador
    4.  Paraguay

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