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Monday, February 29

[Indian Polity Study Materials] Lok Adalats - Indian Polity Study Materials for TNPSC Exams

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Lok Adalat
'Lok' in Hindi means 'People' and 'Adalat' means 'Court'. So, the Word Lok Adalat simply means People's Court.
Lok adalat is a forum where the cases pending in the courts or even in the prelitigation stage are settled in a friendly way. 
Important Facts to remember. 

  1. First Lok adalat camp was organised in Gujarat on March 14,1982 .
  2. Lok adalat was given statutory satus through the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987. Through this act the Lok adalat was introduced in India in 1987.
  3. The First National Lok adalat was organized on  November 23, 2013 in which 71.5 Lakhs of cases has been disposed off successfully.
  4. The Second National Lok adalat was organised on Dec 6, 2014 in which 1.25 Crore cases has been disposed off. 
  5. The Third National Lok adalat was organised on Feb 14, 2016 in which 56000 cases has been disposed off.
  6. The award given by the Lok adalat is final and cannot be appealed in any other court.
  7. Advantages of Lok Adalat
    1. Speedy Justice.
    2. No court Fee.
    3. Reduces Pending cases.

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