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Wednesday, April 9

TNPSC VAO Basics Part 1 - Community Certificates - Procedure and Issuing Authorities

Community Certificate - Procedure and Issuing Authority

1. The applicant can make the request to the Tahsildars with or without the recommendation of the Revenue Inspectors/Village Administrative Officers. If it is without the reports of the Revenue Inspectors/Village
Administrative Officer, the Tahsildar can send the papers to either one or both of them for report.

2. No court fee stamp need be affixed on the requests for issue of Community Certificates. (Vide G.O.Ms.No.97, Revenue, dated 15.2.94).

3. Whenever applications are received for Community Certificates, a printed acknowledgement card should be given indicating therein the probable date on which the applicant should collect the community Certificate from the Tahsildar concerned.(Government Lr.(Ms) No.1341, Revenue, dated 22.7.1988).

4. The Tahsildar may also fix a time when the certificate shall be issued either by him or by the Deputy Tahsildar. At any cost, it should not exceed 15 days for all communities except Schedules Tribe. For Schedules Tribe, the maximum limit is 30 days (vide Citizens Charter).

5. A register with 14 columns should be maintained in the form prescribed in G.O.Ms.No.2240, Revenue, dated 30.11.88, which would show the dates of receipt of application and issue of certificates. These registers should be kept permanently by the Tahsildars and the Village Administrative Officers.

6. The list of applicants for Schedules Caste/Schedules Tribe can be published in the notice boards of Taluk and Panchayat Union Offices and Panchayats and Chavadi in the Village concerned inviting objections from the public before enquiry is made.

7. The Community can be determined with reference to the documents registered, Community Certificates obtained earlier by the parents/relatives, School Certificates of the person concerned or of parents, open enquiries in the village including the members of the local body verification of their habits, personal enquiry of the applicant, etc.

8. The Community can also be decided based on the places of residence of the applicant's father or grand father, place where permanent properties lie, besides its value, mother tongue, place of education, his marriage, period of stay of their parents in Tamil Nadu and Outside Tamil Nadu. (Letter (Ms) No.2510, Social Welfare Department dated 23.9.1986).

9. No certificates based on the certificates issued by the Community or Caste Sangam should be given. There should be an independent enquiry.(Govt. Lr.No.4806/96-3, BC 7 MBC, dated 5.8.1996).

10. No certificate for the communities not included in the lists approved by the Government should be issued.(Govt. Lr.No.11823/BC/92-5, BC & MBC dated 29.10.1992).

11. The certificate to the following communities should be approved/signed personally by the officers noted against them:

Backward Class - Deputy Tahsildars(Headquarter Deputy Tahsildar or Zonal Deputy Tahsildar).
Most Backward Classes - Deputy Tahsildars
Scheduled Castes - Tahsildar
Scheduled Tribes - Revenue Divisional Officer/District Adidravidar Welfare Officer/Sub- Collector & PA(G) to the Collector of Chennai only.
Other Backward Class - Not below the rank of Taluk Tahsildar

(G.O.Ms.No.2906, Revenue, dated 4.11.1981
G.O.Ms.No.2137, AD & TW, dated 11.11.1989
G.O.Ms.No.28, BC/MBC, dated 19.7.1994
G.O.Ms.No.1888, Revenue, dated 10.11.1983
G.O.Ms.No.31, AD & TW, dated 4.3.99).

12. Office copies of the Certificates issued should be available in the file.

13. The entries in the register maintained in Taluk Office should be verified and attested by the issuing authority.

14. Under column 8 of the Special Register, the Serial numbers of the Community has to be filled up. (CRA's Lr.No.Q2/48652/89, dated 17.1.1999) (G.O.Ms.No.2240, Revenue, dated 30.11.88).

15. (a) Extracts of Registers should be sent to the Commissioner of Revenue Administration every year.
15.(b) The extracts of Special Registers in the Commissioner of Revenue Administration's office should be computerised in the Revenue Administration Department itself atleast for one year after the receipt of completely srcutinised date from the District Collectors. After computerisation of this date, the relevant software package may be sent to the Collectors concerned. (Govt. Lr.No.7603/W1, 89-4, Revenue, dated

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