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Monday, April 14

TNPSC VAO Basics Part 1.3 - VAO's Role in Reporting Birth and Death

TNPSC VAO Basics Part 1.3 - VAO's Role in Reporting Birth and Death

The Registration of Births and Deaths is important for both Government and Public and is made compulsory throughout the State as per the Registration of Birth and Death Act 1969 (Central Act 18/1969) and Tamil Nadu Birth and Death Registration Rules 2000 issued in G.O.Ms.No.528, Health and Family Welfare Department, dated 29.12.1999. The Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine is the
Chief Registrar of Births and Deaths for Tamil Nadu, assisted by the Joint Director (State Bureau of Health intelligence) as Deputy Chief Registrar of Births and Deaths. At the District Level the District Revenue Officer is the District Registrar and the Deputy Director of Health Services is the Additional District Registrar. In Municipalities and Corporation the concerned local bodies undertake the registration of Births and Deaths. In Village Panchayats the responsibility for Registration of births and deaths is with the Revenue Department and the Village Administrative Officers in the Village Panchayats are the Registrars of Birth and Death.

The Registrars of Births and deaths must put up a sign-board showing their office in the Village as "Registrar of Births and Deaths", along with the office hours and the name of the Registrars (Section 7(4). The Registrars are empowered to enquire about all the Births and Deaths that occur within their jurisdiction and take necessary action for registering the events. (Section 7(2). The Registrars shall register all Births and
Deaths that take place in their area. He must get all the details required for registration from the Informant on the respective registration cum reporting Forms namely,

Form I for Birth Registration, Form II for Death Registration, Form 3 for Still Birth Registration, duly signed by the Informant or with the LTI (Left Hand thumb impression) if the informant is illiterate.

The Birth, death and still birth should be intimated twenty one days of occurrence to the Registrar (Section 8 and Rule 5(1). Any Birth or Death, not registered within the time limit, can be registered upto 30 days by the Registrar with a late fee of Rs.2/-(Rupees two only). Any Birth or Death or Still Birth, not registered within thirty days, but within one year of its occurrence should be registered only with the written permission from the Panchayat President and on payment of a late fee of Rs.5/-(Rupees Five only). Registration of Births and Deaths or Still Births, after one year of occurrence shall be registered only on an order of a Judicial Magistrate or a Metropolitan Magistrate and on payment of a late fee of Rs.10/- (Rupees ten only) (Section 13 of the Act and Rule 9 of TamilNadu Birth and Death Registration Rule 2000).

New Revised Late Fee For Registration of Birth and Death

As per the revised system, the Reporting Forms have been divided into two parts, namely, the legal part and statistical part. The Registrars will maintain the legal portion as loose leafs and bind them as volumes at the end of the calendar year. The Statistical portion will be detached and sent to the Deputy Director of Health Services, concerned for compilation through the Tahsildars.

For the purpose of improving the registration of births and Deaths and strengthening the co-ordination between Health and Revenue Departments, all the Block Health Supervisors of health Department have been instructed by the Chief Registrar of Births and Deaths, Tamil Nadu (Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine) to visit the Taluk offices on 8th and 18 of every month to watch the receipt of monthly Reports and scrutinise for any omissions and discrepancy, based on the Central Registrar, maintained at the Taluk Office in Form 14(Rule 12(4) and record their observations, in the Scrutiny Registrar for rectification. The Village Administrative Officer may correct a clerical error or a formal error in the Register, when it is brought to his notice after due enquiry. The correction and cancellation, have to be made with the permission of the
competent authority (Section 15 of the Birth and Death Act and Rule No.11).

The name of the child can be registered within 12 months from the date of registration without late-fee and within a period of 15 years (Section 14-Rule No.10) with late-fee.
The Village Administrative Officer shall maintain the legal part of Form 1,2, 3 an Birth Register, Death Register and Still Birth Register (Form 7,8 and 9). (Section 16 and Rule ). He can keep the current years and previous year's Registers in his custody and send the Registers to Taluk Office, for safe custody for one more year (Rule 11) after which it will be sent to the Sub Registrar of Assurance for permanent custody.
The revised Birth Extract and Death Extract Forms, as per Form No.5 and 6 respectively are to be followed, for issue of Birth and Death Certificate(Section 12/17 and Rule ).

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