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Friday, June 6

[Quiz] General Science - Reproductive System

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  1. During Fertilization the nucleus of sperm and the nucleus of egg fuse to form a single nucleus called fertilized egg which is also called as
    1.  Embryo
    2.  Zygote
    3.  Foetus
    4.  None of the above

  2. In frog the transformation changes from larva into an adult frog is said to be
    1.  Budding
    2. Metamorphosis
    3.  Binary Fusion
    4.  Amorphous

  3. Which of the following secretes growth Harmones
    1.  Pancreas
    2.  Adrenal Gland
    3. Pituitary Gland
    4.  Thyroid Gland

  4. The reproduction in amoeba is caused by
    1.  None of these
    2.  Fertilization
    3.  Budding
    4.  Binary Fission

  5. When a Y Chromosome Sperm fertilizes an egg it grows into
    1.  Male Child
    2.  Female Child
    3.  Both Male and Female
    4.  Either Male or Female


  1. 4th question's 4th option spelling is incorrect, which gives a different meaning and makes one to opt out from selection, please change it as binary fission

    1. @sharan raj: thanks for the correction...


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