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Wednesday, June 25

[Quiz] Indian Polity - Fundamental Rights

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  1. A: Article 21A deals with Right to Elementary Education B: Article 21 deals with Right to Information.
    1.  Both are wrong
    2. Both are correct
    3.  Only A is Correct
    4.  Only B is Correct

  2. A: All Fundamental rights are available to foreigners except enemy aliens B: Rights mentioned under the Article 20 is not available to Enemy aliens.
    1.  Only A is Correct
    2.  Only B is Correct
    3.  Both are wrong
    4.  Both are correct

  3. Right to form association comes under the Article
    1.  31C
    2.  21
    3.  19
    4.  18

  4. A: Right to elementary education is also available to friendly foreigners  B: Article 22 is not available to  friendly foreigners
    1.  Only A is Correct
    2.  Only B is Correct
    3.  Both are wrong
    4.  Both are correct

  5. Right to establish and administer educational institutions by minorities
    1. Article 30
    2.  Article 29
    3.  Article 28
    4.  Article 27

1 comment:

  1. Question 1 and 4 are wrong

    Right answer is 1 -a option and

    4-c option


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