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Tuesday, July 15

[Quiz] Geography - Interior of the Earth, Lithosphere

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  1. The Average Depth of Lithosphere
    1.  100 KM
    2.  150 KM
    3. 200 KM
    4.  250 KM

  2. Which of the following is also known as nife layer?
    1.  Crust
    2.  Mantle
    3.  Core
    4.  Aasthenosphere

  3. Which one of the following is not one among the indirect sources which helps to get information about the interior of Earth
    1.  Meteors
    2.  Gravitational force
    3.  Volcanoes
    4.  Magnetic Field

  4. Which of one of the following has the property of sound in terms of travelling medium
    1.  Both P-wave and S-wave
    2.  Neither P-wave nor S-wave
    3.  S-wave
    4.  P-wave

  5. The Volcanic eruptions has its source from the
    1.  Crust
    2.  Core
    3.  Mantle
    4.  Both Core and mantle

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