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Wednesday, July 23

[Quiz] World Geography - Africa

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  1. Atlas Mountains is located in the
    1.  North Eastern Africa
    2. North Western Africa
    3.  South Eastern Africa
    4.  South Western Africa

  2. Kalahari Desert is located in
    1.  Congo
    2.  Botswana
    3.  Angola
    4.  Libya

  3. St. Helena Bay is located Near
    1.  South Africa
    2.  Somalia
    3.  Niger
    4.  Angola

  4. Suez Canal passes through
    1.  Somalia
    2.  Ethiopia
    3.  Egypt
    4.  South Sudan

  5. Which among is the Cold Current that passes through the coast of africa
    1.  Guinea Current
    2.  Benguela Current
    3.  Mozambique Current
    4.  Peru Current

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