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Wednesday, February 25

[Quiz] Geography - Free Online Test (7th STD) Term 1 Chapter 2

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Exam Portions
Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi 7th Std
Geography - Chapter 1
The Surface of the Earth the changing face of the Earth
Geography Online Test Series No: 3
No of Questions
5 Min
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TNPSC Free Online Test

  1. The type of weathering in which the rocks are broken into pieces by continuous freezing and melting of ice
    1.  Glacial Weathering
    2.  Ice Weathering
    3.  Frost Weathering
    4.  Cold Weathering

  2. Which of the following chemical weathering process is also known as rusting
    1.  Dissolution
    2.  Oxidation
    3.  Hydration
    4.  Mineral hydration

  3. Depending upon the age, select the correct sequence in descending order
    1.  Water fall - cataracts - rapids
    2. Water fall - rapids - cataracts
    3.  rapids - cataracts - Water fall
    4.  cataracts - rapids - waterfall

  4. Barchans are formed by the act of the ____
    1.  Glacier
    2.  River
    3.  Rain
    4.  Wind

  5. Piedmont Glaciers are ice at the
    1.  oceans
    2.  slope of the mountains
    3.  top of the mountains
    4.  foot hills

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