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Friday, May 1

Current Affairs - May 2015

TNPSC Current Affairs May 2015
  • 75-Foot Buddha Statue in Srilanka
    • A 75 Foot height Buddha Statue was inaugurated at Rambadagalla Vidhyasagara Temple in Srilanka.
    • It was made by M Muthiah Sthapathi (From Chennai).
  • Important Days
    • May 1 - International Labour Day
    • May 5 - World Asthma Day
  • Festival
    • Yangli festival, a kind of harvest festival celebrated in Karbi Anglong district of Assam.
  • Buenos Aires - World's Bookstore capital
    • Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina is regarded as the World's bookstore capital as it have 25 bookstores for every 1,00,000 people.
    • Hong kong is in the second position with 22 bookstores for every 1,00,000 people. 
  • Awards
    • Pramod Patil, ornithologist form pune was awarded Whitley Award for his efforts on the conservation of the Great Indian busturd. 
      • This Whitley Award is also called by the people as Green Oscar.
    • Magazine Charlie Hebdo - was given the Freedom of Expression was by the PEN American Centre
      • Charlie Hebdo is a French based Magazine.
    • Shashi Kapoor - was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke award.
    • Yaadhum -  a documentary film on Tamil Muslims won the Bronze Remi Award at the 48th World Film Festival Houston.
  • India's first Private Green Field Airport
    • Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport is India's First private Green field Airport.
    • It is located in West Bengal.
    • PM Narendra Modi will be its first Passenger.
  • Reang Tribe: Tripura
  • Important Books In News
    • 100 years of Solitude - by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
      • A signed first edition book which was stolen during the International Book fair of Bogota 2015 was found.
    • Contributions of Thanjavur Maratha Kings with a Brief History of Cholas and Nayaks - by Pratap Sinha Rajebhosle
  • George Cross
    • It is the highest British Military award for Gallantry.
    • The George Cross which was awarded Posthumously to Naik Kirpa Ram (Indian Soldier) in 1946 was stolen. It was traced and it will handed over to his wife Brahmi Devi.
  • Ninad Bedekar
    • Historian who popularized the history of Maharashtra died recently.
  • B B King
    • Famous electric guitarist who died recently.
  • Natanam
    • Mural artist who passed away recently
  • Sunil Nesarikar
    • Chief fire officer in Mumbai fire department, died after sustaining injuries while fighting with fire in a building.
  • Rajabai Clock Tower
    • It is built in 1878 in the Mumbai University campus.
    • It was reopened recently after a restoration work.
  • Important Appointments
    • Justice Cyriac Joseph - was appointed as the Chairman of National Human Rights Commission succeeding Justice Balakrishnan
    • V. Shanmuganathan - was appointed as the Governor of Meghalaya
  • K V Kamath - to be appointed as the Head of the BIRCS Bank
  • ICF - Integral coach Factory, sets a new record in production by producing 1704 coaches in the last fiscal year.
    • ICF was established in 1952 in Chennai.

Science and Technology
  • Messenger Spacecraft
    • NASA's Messenger Spacecraft was launched on August 3, 2004 to study the Mercury planet.
    • The Message Spacecraft ended its 11 year long journey after crashing into the surface of the Mercury
  • Asia's First Google campus was opened in South Korean.
  • Google has planned to set up its largest Asian Campus in Hyderabad at a cost of about 1000 crore rupees.
  • Chandrayaan 2
    • India's second moon exploration mission.
    • It is expected to be launched in 2017.
    • India's first lunar exploration mission Chandrayaan 1 was launched in the year 2008.
  • INS Vikrant
    • It is India's First indigenously built Aircraft carrier. 
  • MOTR - Multi Object Tracking Radar
    • Multi Object Tracking Radar was launched at the Satish Dhawan Space centre at Sriharikota.
    • It can be used to track multiple objects (upto 10 different objects) moving in space with a range of 1000 Kms.
    • With this technology India joins the list with USA, Japan, Israel and Canada.
  • Shubham Banerjee
    • A 13 year old boy of Indian Origin,who invented a low cost Portable Braille Printer.
    • He is now working with Microsoft to integrate the Braille printer with the Windows.
Environment and Health
  • Ecological Engineering
    • It is a new technology introduced by NIPHM - National Institute of Plant Health Management Hyderabad
    • This new technology helps the farmers to control the pests and also in maintaining the biodiversity.
  • WHO - Annual Health Statistics 2015
    • WHO released the status of Millennium development goals after the dead line of 2015.
    • India achieved 4 targets successfully, 2 in progress and the remaining 4 in limited progress.
  • Ngapang
    • The local name of the fish in Manipur, which was recently discovered by the ZSI as the new species of catfish.
    • It's scientific name is Glyptothorax senapatiensis.
  • President Pranab Mukherjee's Russia Visit
    • President Pranab Mukherjee visited Russia in May 2015.
    • He attends the victory day parade on 9th May 2015.
    • This Victory day (May 9th 1945) marks the defeat of the Hitler's army.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi's China Visit
    • Sister city agreement was signed between "Chennai and Chingqing"
  • UK Election 2015
    • Prime Minister David Cameron was reelected as PM after his Conservative party has won 331 seats out of 650.
    • The Labour party won 232 seats.
  • Anthony Brutto, a 94 year old American graduated from West Virginia University after a period of 75 years of enrolling. 
  • Ananta Bijoy Das
    • He was a Bangladeshi blogger, who was killed recently.
  • Gun Attack in Karachi
    • 43 people from Shia ismalis sect were killed in a gun attack in Karachi.
  • Kung Fu Yoga
    • Film to be starred by Aamir Khan and Jackie Chan
  • Amtrak Train 188
    • The train which derailed recently in USA during its journey from Washington to New York
  • Sterile Mosquitoes
    • In order to tackle the Dengue, more than half a million number of sterile mosquitoes were released in the Guangzhou region of China.


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