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Thursday, August 17

Bio-mining method to recover Sembakkam Dumpyard

TNPSC Current Affairs - August 2017 by TNPSC Guru.

Commissionerate of Municipal Administration, Tamil Nadu has given its nod for recover Sembakkam Lake Dumpyard by using Bio-mining project. It was decided after the successful first bio-mining project at Kumbakonam Municipality.

The decision was taken after southern bench of national green tribunal has ordered to closure of dump in Sembakkam Lake. It will

About Bio-Mining: 
  • It was a simple, eco-friendly, cheap, releable, low-tech method to reclaim the waste land using microorganism.
  • Using microorganism it will first reduce the size of the garbage mounds and then it will segregate the waste.
  • It was then sprayed with composting bio-culture which then formed into conventional aerobic windrow process(large volume of compost). 
  • Bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi and other biological forms are actively involved in the Aerobic composting.
  • It was then sterilised, stabilised and ready for segregation. It can then send for re-use or re-cycle. 

Important Microorganism used to break down waste: 
Bacteria : Thermophilic bacteria which can survive in high temperature are mainly used which is also  responsible of breakdown biodgradable organic matter
Fungi: Thermonomyces sp, Asperigallus fumigatus, Penicillium dupontii are commonly used fungi in waste management.
Actinomycetes:  Streptomyces sp, Micromonospora sp are commonly used Actinomycetes.

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