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Saturday, December 2

N K Singh Appointed as 15th Finance Commission Chairman.

Government of India has appointed N K Singh as Chairman of 15th Finance Commission under Article 280(1) of Indian Constitution which will recommend the distribution of taxes or funds between centre and states

About the Finance Commission:
  • As per Article 280 of Indian Constitution, President will establish Finance commission every fifth year or earlier as he thinks necessary.  
  • Finance Commission is a Quasi-judicial body and the chairman will be appointed by President.
  • The main aim of Finance commission is to distribute or allocate the net proceeds of taxes to be shared between Centre and States.
  • Till now 14 finance commission has been constituted.
  • First Commission chaired by K.C Neogy , 2nd by K. Santhanam, 3rd by A.K Chanda, 4th by Dr. P.V Rajamannar, 5th by Mahavir Tyagi, 6th by Brahamananda Reddy, 7th by J.M Shelat, 8th by Y.B. Chavan, 9th by N.K.P Salve, 10th by K.C Pant. 11th by A.M Khusro, 12th by Dr.C Rangarajan, 13th by Dr. Vijay Kelkar, 14th by Y.V Reddy. 

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