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Thursday, December 28

TNPSC Daily Current Affairs - December 27, 2017 - TNPSC Current Affairs - 2017

TNPSC Current Affairs - December 2017 by TNPSC Guru

1.TN signed $318 Million loan agreement with World Bank for irrigation project. 
Tamil Nadu Government along with Government of India has signed a$318 Million loan agreement with world Bank’s International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) for modernizing the irrigation projects to promote climate resilient agriculture and also to improve the water management and to create all small and marginal farmers for better access to markets in Tamil Nadu.

2.Indian Space Application Centre is set to develop new Remote' Sensor camera.
 Ahmedabad Space Application Center is set to develop advanced hi-tech Remote Sensor camera which has a capacity to capture images from height of 300 kms.

 3.Indian Air Force team conquered 'Seven Summits of world 
Indian Air Force Mountaineers After scaling Mount Everest in 2015 launched “Mission Seven Summits” to fly Indian national Flag on highest peak of every continent.

For that till now IAF Mountaineers have scaled highest mountains of 6 continents includes
1.Mt Everest (Nepal) of Asia,
2.Mt McKinley(Alaska) North America.
3.Mt.Aconcagua (Argentina) South America.
4.Mt.Elbrus (Russia) Europe.
5.Mt Kilimanjaro (South Africa) Africa.
6.Mt Carstenz Pyramid (Indonesia) Australia (there was a controversy whether this mountain is belongs to Australia or Asia).

 Now they also conqured the highest mountain in Antarctica named Mount Vinson (4897M). This Team is led by Captain RC Tripathi.

4.India to bypass UK to become 5th largest economy in 2018. 
India is going to by-pass United Kingdom to become  5th Largest Economy in 2018. India now in 7th position in Global Economy. It was released by London based consultancy Centre for Economics and Business Research in its annual rankings.
5.Vijay Rupani Sworn as Gujarat CM. 
Vijay Rupani Sworn in as Chief Minister of Gujarat for 2nd Term.

6.India’s first pod taxi will connect Delhi to Gurugram. 
India sooner will get the First Pod taxi which will connect Delhi with Gurugram.

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