TNPSC Daily Current Affairs - May 6, 2018 - TNPSC Current Affairs - 2018 - TNPSC GURU - TNPSC Group 2A/2 Apply Online - Join Test batch


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Sunday, May 6

TNPSC Daily Current Affairs - May 6, 2018 - TNPSC Current Affairs - 2018

TNPSC Current Affairs - May 2018 by TNPSC Guru

1.WHO guidelines on Daily calorie. 
  • World Health Organisation has released the guidelines for the daily intake of Calories.
  • As per the guideline adults and children should consume maximum of 10 % if Saturated fat and 1% in Trans fats.
  • This guidelines aim to controlling the non-communicable disease which are responsible of 39.5 Million deaths worldwide.
  • Saturated Fatty Acid found in butter, Meat, Milk, egg yolk and more.
  • Trans fats are found in industrially processed foods from vegetable, fish oils (fried potatoes , junk foods ..) and also found in meat and dairy products. 

2.Western Ghats and Monsoon – TN 
  • Researchers have found that dense vegetation in Western Ghats determines the amount of rainfall during summer monsoon in Tamil Nadu.
  • They are pitching that there should be urgent steps to stop deforestation.

3. Census of Indus Dolphins
  • Punjab Government along with World Wildlife fund – India has started first organised census on Indus Dolphins population.
  • Indus Dolphins found only between Talwara and Harike Barrage in India’s Beas River in Punjab. 

China launches communication satellite APSTAR-6C with the help of its long march 3B rocket from the Xichang space base in southwest China.

5.Liang Rui 
  • China’s Liang Rui set new world record in 50 km racewalk finishing the race by 4:04:36s.
  • The previous record was 4:05:56 set by Inez Henriques last year.

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