TNPSC Daily Current Affairs - August 3, 2018 - TNPSC Current Affairs - 2018 - TNPSC GURU - TNPSC Group 2A/2 Apply Online - Join Test batch


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Friday, August 10

TNPSC Daily Current Affairs - August 3, 2018 - TNPSC Current Affairs - 2018

TNPSC Current Affairs - August 2018 by TNPSC Guru

1.Ballistic Missile Interceptor AAD. 

  • India Successfully test fired Ballistic Missile Interceptor Advanced Area Defence from Abdul Kalam Island, Odisha.
  • As per Defence release - The endo-atmospheric missile, capable of intercepting incoming targets at an altitude of 15 to 25 kms was launched against multiple simulated targets of 1500 km class ballistic missile.

2.NITI Aayog’s Move Hack. 
  • NITI Aayog has launched Move Hack, a global mobility hackathon to crowdsource solution aimed at the future of mobility in India.
  • It aims to bring about innovative, dynamic and scalable solutions to problems pertaining to mobility.
  • It has 2 pronged campaign
  • “Just Code It”: aimed at solutions through innovations in technology / product / software and data analysis.
  •  “Just Solve It”: innovative business ideas or sustainable solutions to transform mobility infrastructure through technology.

                                                                                                                                 - Source Pib
3.Kadaknath chicken meat
  • KAdaknath Chicken Mean gets Geographical Indication tag.
  • Kadaknath Chicken is from Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh .

4.SAATHI Initiative 
  • Union Textile and Power Ministry joint hands under the initiative SAATHI (Sustainable and Accelerated Adoption of efficient textile technologies to help Small industries ) to adopt energy efficient textile technology in the power loom sector and minimise the cost.
  • The main objective of scheme is to procure energy efficient powerlooms, motors and rapier kit in bulk and provide at no upfront cost to the small and medium units.

  • The new scheme will implement jointly by EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited ) and the office of the Textile Commissioner on a pan-India basis.
  • The new initiative will help people in saving energy, cost saving also no upfront cost which they can repay in instalments to EESL.
  • EESL is already successfully implemented this type of scheme in several sectors like LED bulbs, Electric vehicle and more.
  • This scheme will help to upgrade the technology of powerloom sector in India because around 24.86 lakh powerloom units in India use obsolete technology.
  • Also almost 57 % of cloth produced from the unorganised micro and small units in India.
  • This scheme will help to upgrade the unorganised micro and small units, leading to higher productivity, better quality and more.

5.ISRO Devloping Green Propollent 
  • Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is in progress on making environment-friendly green propellant to power satellites and spacecraft.
  • It will help to replace the hydrazine rocket fuel which is highly toxic and hazardous chemical.

6.Mukhiyamantri Yuva Nestam
 Andhra Pradesh Launched Mukhiyamantri YUva Nestam an unemployment allowance scheme  providing Rs 1000 to unemployed youth per month.

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