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Saturday, September 21

[Quiz] Geography - Free Online Test - (11th STD) (Unit -1) New Syllabus

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TNPSC Free Online Test by TNPSC GURU.in 

Exam Portions
Tamil Nadu TNSCERT 11th Std
Unit 1 – Fundamentals of Geography Full
New Syllabus (2019-2020 Onwards)
Science Online Test Series No: 
No of Questions
5 Min
Difficulty Level
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1. The word ‘geography’ is coined from _______ language.

a) LatinWrong Answer

b) SpanishWrong Answer

c) GreekCorrect Answer

d) TamilWrong Answer

2. Four traditions of geography were introduced by___________.

a) HartshorneWrong Answer

b) Gerard MercatorWrong Answer

c) William D PattisonCorrect Answer

d) HumboldtWrong Answer

3. Which one of the following is not a theme of geography?

a) Location Wrong Answer

b) PlaceWrong Answer

c) Movement Wrong Answer

d) TechnologyCorrect Answer

4. Systematic approach to study geography was developed by___________.

a) Carl Ritter Wrong Answer

b) HumboldtCorrect Answer

c) Pattison Wrong Answer

d) HartshorneWrong Answer

5. Anthropology deals with human ___________.

a) Migration Wrong Answer

b) SettlementsWrong Answer

c) Races Correct Answer

d) KingdomsWrong Answer

6. Geo1ogy is a study of___________

a) Rocks Correct Answer

b) MineralsWrong Answer

c) Petroleum Wrong Answer

d) AnimalsWrong Answer

7. Meteorology is a study of __________.

a) Atmosphere Correct Answer

b) MeteorsWrong Answer

c) Metals Wrong Answer

d) MammalWrong Answer

8. Astronomy is a science which deals with____________.

a) Plants Wrong Answer

b) AnimalsWrong Answer

c) Climate Wrong Answer

d) Celestial bodiesCorrect Answer

9. What is the GNSS system of India called as?

a) IRNSS Correct Answer

b) GPSWrong Answer

c) GLONASS Wrong Answer

d) BeidouWrong Answer

10. Which one of the following countries first used the GPS for its military applications?

a) Canada Wrong Answer

b) GermanyWrong Answer

c) India Wrong Answer

d) USACorrect Answer

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