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Tuesday, September 24

[Quiz] Geography - Free Online Test - (11th STD) (Unit -2) New Syllabus

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TNPSC Free Online Test by TNPSC GURU.in 

Exam Portions
Tamil Nadu TNSCERT 11th Std
Unit 2 – The Solar system and the Earth Full
New Syllabus (2019-2020 Onwards)
Science Online Test Series No: 
No of Questions
5 Min
Difficulty Level
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TNPSC Free Online Test MCQ - Click On the Options to Check Answers

1. The scientist who proposed Big Bang Theory was

a) Abbe Georges LemaitreCorrect Answer

b) Edwin HubbleWrong Answer

c) Nicholas CopernicusWrong Answer

d) AryabhattaWrong Answer

2. __________ is called the Morning and Evening Star in the Solar system.

a) The Mercury Wrong Answer

b) The VenusCorrect Answer

c) The Uranus Wrong Answer

d) The SaturnWrong Answer

3. The Planet with 30 rings in the solar system is

a) The Jupiter Wrong Answer

b) The MarsWrong Answer

c) The Earth Wrong Answer

d) The SaturnCorrect Answer

4. The earth takes to complete one rotation.

a) 23 hrs 56 min 4 secCorrect Answer

b) 27 hrs 17 minWrong Answer

c) 24 hrs 56 min 4 secWrong Answer

d) 10 hrs 7 minWrong Answer

5. The windiest planet is

a) The Saturn Wrong Answer

b) The NeptuneCorrect Answer

c) The Jupiter Wrong Answer

d) The MarsWrong Answer

6. The sun appears to be the closest to the earth on

a) January 3Correct Answer

b) July 4Wrong Answer

c) September 5Wrong Answer

d) December 4Wrong Answer

7. The length of day time at 80 N during summer solstice is

a) 18hrs 27minWrong Answer

b) 24 hrs (for 2 months)Wrong Answer

c) 24 hrs (for 4 months)Correct Answer

d) 24 hrs (for 6 months)Wrong Answer

8. The apparent movement of the Sun is overhead the Equator twice a year on

a) Dec 22 and Mar21Wrong Answer

b) Mar21 and Sep23Correct Answer

c) Jun 21 and Dec 22Wrong Answer

d) Sep 23 and Dec22Wrong Answer

9. On June 21 the Sun’s rays fall vertically on the

a) The Tropic of CancerCorrect Answer

b) The Tropic of CapricornWrong Answer

c) The EquatorWrong Answer

d) The Arctic CircleWrong Answer

10. The Prime Meridian is the centre of time zone extending between

a) 7 ½° W and 7 ½° E longitudesCorrect Answer

b) 7 ½° N and 7 ½° SWrong Answer

c) 17 ½° W and 17 ½° E LongitudesWrong Answer

d) 17 ½° N and 17 ½° SWrong Answer

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