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Wednesday, September 25

[Quiz] Geography - Free Online Test - (11th STD) (Unit -3) New Syllabus

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TNPSC Free Online Test by TNPSC GURU.in 

Exam Portions
Tamil Nadu TNSCERT 11th Std
Unit 2 – Lithosphere – Endogenic Processes Full
New Syllabus (2019-2020 Onwards)
Science Online Test Series No: 
No of Questions
5 Min
Difficulty Level
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TNPSC Free Online Test MCQ - Click On the Options to Check Answers

1. The term “Lithosphere” was introduced by

a) Alfred WegenerWrong Answer

b) Joseph BarrelCorrect Answer

c) Alexander Von HumboltWrong Answer

d) KiyooWadatiWrong Answer

2. The boundary between the upper crust and lower crust is termed as

a) Guttenberg marginWrong Answer

b) Lehmann BoundaryWrong Answer

C) Conorod boundaryCorrect Answer

d) Mohorovicic boundaryWrong Answer

3. Who postulated the continental drift theory?

a) KoberWrong Answer

b) HolmesWrong Answer

c) TaylorWrong Answer

D) WegenerCorrect Answer

4. Odd one out.

a) The Eurasian plateWrong Answer

b) The North American plateWrong Answer

C) The Pacific plateCorrect Answer

d) The African plateWrong Answer

5. One among the given is the deepest trench in the world.

a) The Mariana TrenchCorrect Answer

b) The Sandwich TrenchWrong Answer

c) The Puerto Rico TrenchWrong Answer

d) The Sunda TrenchWrong Answer

6. It is a type of fold where one limb is steeper than the other.

a) Symmetrical foldWrong Answer

b) Asymmetrical foldCorrect Answer

c) Over turned foldWrong Answer

d) Recumbent foldWrong Answer

7. The longest rift valley in the world is

a) The Narmada rift valleyWrong Answer

b) The African rift valleyCorrect Answer

c) The Baikal rift valleyWrong Answer

d) The Rhine rift valleyWrong Answer

8. One of the following zones accounts for 68% of the earthquakes on the surface of the

a) The Mediterranean – Himalayan zoneWrong Answer

b) The Circum Pacific zoneCorrect Answer

c) The Mid Atlantic zoneWrong Answer

d) The African rift valley zoneWrong Answer

9. One among the given is the world’s highest active volcano.

a) Mt. VesuviusWrong Answer

b) Mt. StromboliWrong Answer

c) Mt. CotopaxiCorrect Answer

d) Mt. KrakatauWrong Answer

10. Solidified sheet-like horizontal lava layer inside the earth is called as

a) DykeWrong Answer

b) BatholithWrong Answer

c) SillCorrect Answer

d) LacolithWrong Answer

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