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Thursday, April 3

IRNSS - Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System

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IRNSS - Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System is a series of Seven satellites for Navigational purposes.

  1. IRNSS 1A - Launched via PSLV C22 [July 1st 2013]
  2. IRNSS 1B - Launched via PSLV C24 [April 4th 2014]
  3. IRNSS 1C - Launched via PSLV C26 [October 26th 2014]
  4. IRNSS 1D - Launched via PSLV C27 [March 28th 2015]
  5. IRNSS-1E - Launched via PSLV C-31 [Jan 20th, 2016]
  6. IRNSS-1F -  PSLV C-32
  7. IRNSS-1G - PSLV C-33

Significance of IRNSS
  • Terrestial & Marine Navigation
  • Disaster Management
  • Vehicle Tracking and 
  • Fleet Management

India's IRNSS and World Equivalents or Similar Satellites

  • USA - Global Positioning System (GPS), 
  • Russia - GLONASS (Global Orbiting Navigation Satellite System)
  • Europe - Galileo
  • China - Beidou 
  • Japan - Quasi Zenith Satellite System

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