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Saturday, October 3

[Quiz] Indian Polity - Preamble of the Indian Constitution

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Indian Polity
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Preamble of the Indian Constitution
Indian Polity Online Test Series No: 1
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  1. Select the Correct Order as given in the preamble

  2. The date of adoption of the Indian constitution is 
    1.  26th November 1950
    2.  26th November 1949
    3.  26th January 1949
    4.  26th January 1950

  3. Which of the following word is added to the preamble by the 42nd constitutional amendment act 1976?
    1.  liberty
    2.  fraternity
    3.  integrity
    4.  equality

  4. Which of the following is not One among the devices of direct democracy:?
    1.  Referendum
    2.  Initiative
    3.  recall 
    4. none of these 

  5. The ideal of social justice, economic justice and political justice has been taken from the
    1.  Irish revolution
    2.  French revolution
    3.  American revolution
    4.  Russian revolution

  6. The Ideals of Liberty, equality and fraternity has been taken in Preamble from
    1.  Swedish Revolution
    2.  French Revolution
    3.  American Revolution
    4.  Russian Revolution

  7. Which is the first Constitution to be begin with Preamble
    1.  British Constitution
    2.  French Constitution
    3.  Indian Constitution
    4.  American Constitution

  8. Who called Indian Preamble as "Identity card of the Constitution"
    1.  N A Palkhivala
    2.  Dr John Mathai
    3.  Rajendra Prasad
    4.  Jawaharlal Nehru

  9. Which article allows Admission and establishment of new states which is not part of Union of India
    1.  Article 4
    2.  Article 3
    3.  Article 2
    4.  Article 1

  10. Objective Resolution has been moved on
    1.  Dec 11, 1946
    2.  Dec 13, 1946
    3.  Nov 26 1949
    4.  Jan 26 1950

  11. In Which amendment Preamble has been amended
    1.  72nd constitutional amendment
    2.  86th constitutional amendment
    3.  44th constitutional amendment
    4.  42nd constitutional amendment

  12. Who drafted and moved Objectives Resolution in Assembly by
    1.  DR B.R Ambedkar
    2.  Rajendra Prasad
    3.  Motilal Nehru
    4.  Jawaharlal Nehru

  13. The word  socialist, secular and integrity has been added in which amendement
    1.  42nd constitutional amendment
    2.  72nd constitutional amendment
    3.  44th  constitutional amendment
    4.  73rd constitutional amendment

  14. Objective Resolution has been adopted on
    1.  Jan 26, 1950
    2.  Dec 13, 1946
    3.  Dec 11, 1946
    4.  Jan 22, 1947

  15. Choose the correct answer below about Preamble of Indian Constitution,
    I, 76th constitutional Amendment act added three new words - socialist, secular and integrity,
    II, Objectives Resolution drafted and moved by Nehru has been adopted as Preamble .
    III, fundamental Features of the constitution contained in Preamble can be altered by an Amendment under Article 368,

    1.  All the above is correct
    2.  Only 2 and 3  is correct
    3.  Only I is correct
    4.  Only II is correct

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