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Friday, July 4

[Quiz] Modern India - British Conquest of India Try Free Online Test 3

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[Quiz] Modern India - British Conquest of India

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  1. In the Battle of Buxar, the British forces are led by
    1.  Robert Clive
    2.  Watson
    3.  Corwallis
    4. Hector Munro

  2. Who among the following did not take part in the Battle of Buxar 1764?
    1.  Mir Qasim
    2. Shiraj-ud-daulah
    3.  Shuja-ud-daulah
    4.  Shah Alam II

  3. Haider ali of Mysore died in the
    1.  Fourth Anglo Mysore War
    2.  Third Anglo Mysore War
    3. Second Anglo Mysore War
    4.  First Anglo Mysore War

  4. Who was appointed as the First Governor of Sind
    1.  Auckland
    2.  Bentick
    3.  Minto
    4.  Napier

  5. Which of the following state is not annexed under the principle of Doctrine of lapse
    1. Mysore
    2.  Jhansi
    3.  Nagpur
    4.  Satara


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