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Saturday, February 11

[Indian Polity Study Materials] Salient Features of Constitution - TNPSC Indian Polity Study Materials

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A Constitution is a set of fundamental principles or guidelines according to which the country is to be governed.
Salient Features of the Indian Constitution

[This Question will be mostly asked in written exams like Group 1&2 Mains so be thorough with atleast 5 to 8 Important Features of the Indian Constitution and make a short note on each topic]

  1. Parliamentary Form of Government
  2. Lengthiest Written Constitution
  3. Synthesis of Rigidity and Flexibility
  4. Single Citizenship
  5. Fundamental Rights
  6. DPSP
  7. Fundamental Duties
  8. Universal Adult Franchise
  9. Emergency Provisions
  10. Drawn from different Sources
  11. Single Integrated Judiciary
  12. Secular State.

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