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Sunday, September 24

India is likely to join the quantum computing race

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TNPSC Current Affairs - September 2017 by TNPSC Guru

Department of Science and Technology is likely to fund  a project to develop Quantum Computers. 
The Physics department at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Harish Chandra Research Institute , Allahabad as already pushed the theoretical aspects of Quantum computing, but now department of Science and Technology has come forward to fund to develop quantum Computers.

About Quantum Computers:
  • It works in the principle of quantum physics to increase the speed of the computer and store  information in a format known Quantum bit or Qubits.
  • Classical computer performs operations using bits either 1 or 0 and Quantum computer uses Quantum bits or  “Qubits” which can use both 1 and 0 at a same time which makes the quantum computers superior than the currently using Computers.
  • It requires 3.5 million fewer steps to sort a billion number comparing to classical computers(using today).

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