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Monday, September 28

TNPSC Candidate's Dashboard FULL DETAILS - TNPSC's New One Time Registration Portal

TNPSC Candidates's Dashboard Full Details

Dear Candidates, This page is exclusive created for discussing about the New & Latest feature of TNPSC that is TNPSC Candidate's Dashboard. This new feature is going to be implemented by TNPSC within a few days. If you have any doubt regarding this TNPSC Dashboard kindly post it in the comment box and also share your view about the same.

What is TNPSC Candidates's Dashboard?
It would be very similar to the present TNPSC One Time Registration Page but with some more additional features like uploading the candidates scanned documents. The candidates would be asked to upload all (or some of) the essential documents like their Degree Certificates, SSLC, HSC, Community Certificate, PSTM Certificate, Sports Certificates, Disability Certificates, etc..,

Why is it Necessary?
  1. We all know that in TNPSC for all recruitment before the counselling, the certificate verification will be done. The certificate verification is also one of the cause for the delay in the recruitment process. Also during certificate verification some of the information provided by the candidate during online application may mismatch with the data in their certificate. So, if all the candidates upload their certificates during the online application then there is no need for certificate verification.
  2. Avoiding Mismatch in the certificate details.
  3. To track the Free chances claimed by the Candidate
  4. To avoid duplicate applications

When TNPSC Candidate's Dashboard Implemented?
On Sept 20, 2015 the TNPSC Chairman said that the TNPSC Dashboard will be implemented with 10 days. So, It is hoped that the new TNPSC Candidate's Dashboard facility will be available soon.
The New One time Registration System is now available for the candidates to register online. 
How to upload Certificate in TNPSC Candidate's Dashboard?
Step wise procedure will be added here very soon

You can share all your doubt here in the below Comment Box...Share With your Friends Too... 


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. அன்புடையீர்,

    வணக்கம்,என் பெயர் நஞ்சப்பன் நன் ஈரோடு ல் இருந்து மெயில் செய்கிறேன் நன் One Time Registration System / நிரந்தரப் பதிவு முறை செய்ய வேண்டும் எனக்கு என்னுடைய எந்தெந்த சான்றிதழ் எந்த formate - ல் எவளவு kp - ல் ஸ்கேன் செய்து uploade செய்ய வேண்டும் என்ற தகவலை தருமாறு மிகவம் பணியுடன் கேட்டுக்கொள்கிறேன்



    1. will be updated very soon after the notification...

    2. sir, i payed the amount through net banking for one time registration but i didn't get user id and password. what i want to do now.

    3. My mail id vimalathithan_tool@rediffmail. Com pls reply me

  3. what should i fill in the place of ISSUING authority for one time registration in my certificate I have DEPUTY TAHSILDAR seal but i cant find that option in online application form...the options available were ( taluk tahsildar, tahsildar, head quarters deputy tahsildar, special deputy tahsildar and zonal deputy tahsildar) i'm from which option should i choose now...kindly help me

  4. Dear Sir,
    Kindly advice me whether the old one time registration is enough for uplading the certificates or any new registation required. Kinldy help me.

  5. how to edit certificate number after one time registration

  6. Sir,
    I belong to sc community and I hv completed one time registration in which I hv paid 50 rupees .while applying for examination it doesn't required any fee and in application print it has marked as no fee.My question is have I completed my application for group 2 exam.IF so y I m not able to upload my cerficate in my dashboard and I m not able to veiw my application history also.kindly guide I m very much worried and confused.I contacted Tnpsc bt invain...pls help me

  7. How to upload certificate ,I have applied for group2A and upload certificate shows "will update automatically after applying " pls give me information regarding this

  8. I forgot my login id nd password

  9. sir I have already registered with one time registration on 24-10-15 but that time only the certificates no. were asked but now they are asking to upload the certificates

  10. sir can i change general tamil to general english for VAO after registration

  11. sir can i change general tamil to general english for VAO after registration

  12. Sir I belong to bc christian adi dravidar caste..but there is no adi dravidar subclss in the drop down list of I have selected,'converted christian from sc' as a subclass under it ok. .or what should I do. .thank you in advance.


  14. how to edit dob in my one time registration.please helpme

  15. How to change the image in tnpsc registration.... I inserted wrong image... So I want to change the correct one... anyone please help me..

  16. Sir I did mistake in entering my name ... how to edit dashboard in tnusrb


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