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Saturday, February 27

[Science & Tech] Project LOON

Project LOON
LOON is a project by Google for providing internet access to remote areas using LTE (Long Term Evolution / 4G) technology in the floating balloons.
 How it works?

  • The balloons are made to float in the stratosphere (20km Height) of the atmosphere where the wind speed is low.
  • The Stratosphere consists of different layers in which the speed and the direction of the wind varies.
  • So, we can change the position of the balloon just by varying the density and volume of the gases in it.
  • It is powered by the solar panels in it.
  • Each LOON was designed to provide the internet service to an area of radius of 20 km.
  • It can reduce the cost of providing internet connectivity to remote areas like hilly region, very less populated regions.
  • It can be used even during the natural calamities like flood, storms etc.,
  • Construction and maintenance cost is comparatively higher than the present technologies.
  • Failure of the LOON may cause it to fell down which may not be controllable.

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