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Tuesday, September 5

TNPSC Daily Current Affairs - September 5, 2017 - TNPSC Current Affairs - www.TNPSCGURU.IN2017

TNPSC Current Affairs - September 2017 by TNPSC Guru.

1.Important moves of BRICS – 2017, Xiamen, China. 
The 9th annual summit of BRICS kicked off on Sunday at Xiamen , China in new  BRICS plus format with non BRICS leaders of Egypt, Mexico, Thailand, Guinea and Tajikistan along with BRICS leaders.

First time it has named two Pakistan-based terrorist groups, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad as global terror groups.

Also BRICS leaders signed four important documents during Summit to deepen commercial ties among the BRICS countries.

2.Demands for Restoring education to state list

All Party meeting Organised by opposition party under leadership of DMK in Tamil Nadu has demanded to restore Education from concurrent list to state list.

  • During formation of constitution education was listed under the State list under Schedule 7 of Indian Constitution.
  • The 42nd Amendment Act of 1976 transferred five subjects to concurrent list which includes Education , Forest, Weights and measures, Protection of wild animals and birds, administration of justice.
  • In the concurrent list both Centre and state can make laws list enumerated under the concurrent list. But if there is any conflict between Central and State law, Central law prevails over the state list.
  • At present there are 52 subjects under concurrent list, Originally it was 47.
  • At present in State list there are 61 subjects, Originally it was 66.
  • In Centre list there are 100 subjects but originally it was 97 subjects under Schedule Seven of Indian Constitution.

3.HAL signed orders for 41 Dhruv helicopters. 
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) has signed a order for 41 Dhruv advanced helicopters for the Indian Army and Navy. The total cost of the project is around Rs 6,100 crore of these, 40 helicopters for Indian Army and 1 for Indian Navy.

4.I do what I do: on reforms Rhetoric and Resolve – Raghuram Rajan. 

I Do What I Do : reforms Rhetoric and Resolve – is the new Book of Former Reserve Bank of India  Governor Raghuram Rajan.

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