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Sunday, October 22

Around 2.5 Million deaths occur in India due to Pollution.

TNPSC Current Affairs - October 2017 by TNPSC Guru

A Study Published in the Journal The Lancet, around 2.5 Million people died in India Due to various kinds of Pollution. It is more than the death occurs due to Smoking, hunger, and Natural disasters

One in Six of all deaths occur are caused by pollution worldwide. It occurs more in developing countries like India, China, Bangladesh. It is because most of the manufacturing, mining industries are shifted to developing countries where getting environmental clearance easily because of their lack of regulation and enforcement.

More Causes: 
In Developing and poorer countries most people cook on open fire with wood and coal which directly affect them causing many heart , lungs related disease.

Also workers from these countries are more exposure to Air pollution and they will travel in bike, bus, cycle or walk which makes them less to protect from Air pollution, but people  in Developed nation where they use Air-conditioned vehicle and also in Work place.

Few solution to reduce pollution.
  • Need to regulate the industrial policy of releasing toxic gases in Air,
  • Need to use environmental friendly fuels.
  • Need to regulate the usage of Pesticide, Insecticide
  • Need to control the dumping of wastes in lands.
  • Need to stop Deforestation, Mining, burning of fuels.

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