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Sunday, October 29

TNPSC Daily Current Affairs - October 28, 2017 - TNPSC Current Affairs - www.TNPSCGURU.in2017

TNPSC Current Affairs - October 2017 by TNPSC Guru 
1.Burundi first Country to leave ICC. 
Burundi is the first country to leave International Criminal Court.
International Criminal court is an international tribunal it was established in 1998 and came into force in July 2002. It headquarters is at Hague, Netherlands.
Currently it has 123 Members , India is not member of ICC .

2.Scientist has connected new virus related to Kala-azar.
Scientist has found that new parasite Leptomonas seymouri may also responsible for Disease Kala-azar. Earlier Scientist believed that parasite Leishmania donovani is responsible for disease Kaa-azar. It was spread to humans by infected Sandfly.

3.Decision on Harmful Fisheries Subsidies in WTO’s Meet
Sources say that there will be decision on eliminating harmful fisheries subsidies in upcoming WTO’s meet at Buenos Aires, Argentina in December 2017.

 4.ADB commits $65.5 Million Loan to support Coastal Protection in Karnataka 
Government of India and Asian Development Bank has signed $65 Million Loan for Coastal Protection in Karnataka.

5.Cabinet approves six new IITs 
The Union Cabinet has approved a Rs. 7,002 crore to establish 6 new Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs) at Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh), Palakkad (Kerala), Goa, Dharwad (Karnataka), Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir) and in Bhilai (Chattisgarh).

6.First Offshore Patrol vessel Vikram launched .
First of seven series Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) has been launched in Chennai. It was built by Larsen and Toubro . It is capable of coastal and offshore patrolling.

7.Arctic sea ice melting quicker than predicted. 
As per the latest study conducted by University of Calgary,Canada says that the Arctic sea ice is melting quicker than predicted. Also prediction of ice-free Arctic ocean can also happen in summertime by 2050. 

8.Spain sacks Catalonia Government after independence declaration.

Spain has sacked Catalonia Government after it declared itself an independence nation. 

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