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Thursday, April 12

TNPSC Daily Current Affairs - April 8, 2018 - TNPSC Current Affairs - 2018

TNPSC Current Affairs - April 2018 by TNPSC Guru

1.RBI switches back to GDP model 
  • Reserve Bank of India has switch backed to Gross Domestic product (GDP) based measure to calculate the Growth Estimates, from Gross Value added (GVA) methodology .
  • GVA methodology was adopted by government for Growth estimates from January 2015 , it also changed the base year to 2018 from January 2018.
  • The Basic Difference between GDP and GVA is that the GVA gives growth estimates from producer (supply side )and GDP gives growth estimates from consumer side (demand side). 
More about GDP and GVA

  • The New class of antibiotics to kill bacteria has been discovered by scientist called Odilorhabdins.
  • Odilorhabdins produced by symbiotic bacteria found in soil-dwelling nematode worms that colonise insects for food .
 3.Walmiki and Malhar languages 
  • The 2 new languages Walmiki and Malhar has been discovered by Hyderabad University.
  • Walmiki was spoken in Koraput district of Odisha and border district of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Analysis said that Walmiki does not belong to particular family of languages.
  • The Walmiki speaking community claims that this language is descent from poet Valmiki.
  • Malhar spoken in small hamlet in Odihsa , which is 165 km away from Bhubaneswar.
  • Preliminary data shows Malhar belongs to North Dravidian Subgroup.

  • Ramanathapuram Archaeological research foundation discovered artefacts belongs to Microlithic age, Megalithic age, Sangam period and Medieval period in Peraiyur.
  • Archaeologist said that Peraiyur could hold treasures like Keezhadi.
  • Peraiyur is in Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu 
5.Uzhavan app 
  • Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K Palaniswami has launched  ‘Uzhavan’ app to the farmers.
  • The App will provide information about agricultural operation and access to 9 types of services including details of insurance.
  • It includes weather update, subsidies available for various schemes  including seeds, nursery, beehives, and more.
6.Assam Spring Festival 
  • Assam Spring Festival held at Manas National Park.
  • The aim of festival is to promote local food and culture of the village.
  • Manas National Park is a UNESCO World heritage site, project Tiger and Elephant reserve located in Assam.
7.Ganga Hariteema Yojana 
  • Government of Uttar Pradesh has launched Ganga Hariteema Yojana or Ganga Greenery Scheme .
  • The aim of scheme is to increase the green cover along the catchment areas of River Ganga and also control land erosion. 
8.Railway link between Kathmandu and Raxaul 
India to build strategic railway link between Kathmandu and Raxaul in Bihar to facilitate people to people movement and goods transportation.

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