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Monday, June 18

Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) Plenary Meeting

TNPSC Current Affairs - June 2018 by TNPSC Guru 

  • Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) Plenary Meeting held in Jurmala , Latvia.
  • This is the first meeting after Latvia assumes chairmanship of NSG for 2018-2019 also it is the first Baltic state to chair the NSG
  • India is not the member of NSG , but India is member of other 3 export control regimes – MTCR, Australia Group and Wassenaar Arrangment.
  • China is blocking India’s membership to NSG.
  • Latvia the current chair backing India’s membership to NSG but entering into NSG requires approval of all 48 participating countries. 

About NSG and its benefit. 
  • Nuclear Supplier Group is a group of Nuclear supplier countries which aims to prevent nuclear proliferation by controlling the export of materials, equipment and technology which is used to produce nuclear weapons.
  • NSG was founded in response to India’s nuclear test on 1974.
  • NSG Consists of 48 members which includes 5 nuclear weapon states like US, China, UK, Russia and France. 

India’s Benefit if it gets membership.
  • If India becomes member of NSG, It will open India to international nuclear commerce.
  • India will get access to international market to export and import nuclear related materials.
  • Also India will get access to foreign technologies.
  •  Also it can sell its indigenous technology to foreign countries to earn foreign exchange.

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