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Tuesday, October 17

Observation confirms merger of two neutron star

TNPSC Current Affairs - October 2017 by TNPSC Guru

In August 2017 LIGO and VIRGO has jointly detect merger of two neutron Stars which cause the discovery of new source of Gravitational radiation. After few seconds NASA’s Fermi Satellite detected a gamma-ray burst from the same direction which was located about 130 million years away.  It was revealed by Scientist now.

This is the first time both gravitational waves as well as the light emanating observed from cosmic event. Earlier LIGO has not measured any light addition to gravitational wave when the merger of two black hole occurred.

 These observations confirm Prof.Tzvi Piran’s prediction made about 25 years before, that when two neutron star merge it may emit a bust of gamma rays in addition with Gravitational waves. It also produces and ejects rare heavy elements like Gold, plutonium, uranium to outer space.

About Neutron Stars:
  • Neutron stars are produced during the supernova explosion.
  • Neutron stars are made just from neutrons, unlike other matter which is composed of 50% neutron and 50% Proton.
  • Because of this strange composition, they are extremely dense. Even the 10 km of neutron star is weights about million times the mass of Earth. In Simple teaspoon of neutron star may hold mass of billion tonnes

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