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Thursday, October 5

Scientist detected fourth Gravitational Waves

TNPSC Current Affairs - September 2017 by TNPSC Guru
Scientist has detected another set of gravitational waves which is ripples in the fabric of space  and time. This is the fourth time such Gravitational waves have been detected. 
It was observed by Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave observatory (LIGO)  which is located at Hanford site, US. Jointly with Virgo observatory from Europe located at Italy.

About Gravitational Wave:
  • It’s a ripple occurs in the fabric of space-time when two large masses(examples-black holes which has Mass more than 25 times of Sun) orbiting each other.
  • In simple term, if things move it creates waves like boat moves in river creates waves, same thing if two masses move in space-time creates waves which is called Gravitational waves.
  • The First Gravitational wave was detected on 14th September 2015, second was in Dec 26.2015 and third detection was on January 4,2017.

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