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Saturday, March 17

Passive Euthanasia - Right to Die

Supreme Court of India has given its land mark judgement that the Passive Euthanasia is permissible and also allowed living will with strict guidelines.

A constitution bench says that the fundamental right to live with human dignity under Article 21 also includes – right to refuse treatment and die with dignity.

About Passive Euthanasia. 
  • Euthanasia means Mercy Killing or Good Death.
  • Passive Euthanasia which means when you let a patient die , when the patient is in complete life support or in a vegetative state or in an irreversible Coma and he /she cannot live without medical treatment.

  • In 2011in the Aruana Shanbaug case Supreme court has legalized the passive Euthanasia and given strict guidelines to follow.
  • The guidelines is when there is a decision to with draw the treatment or support it must be taken by parents, spouse or other close relatives or next friend.
  • In 2014 3 bench judges of supreme court decided that the judgement in Aruna Shangaug case is inconsistent in itself and referred the case to Constitution Bench.
  • In March 2018, Constitution Bench given its judgment in Common Cause vs Union of India case that only passive Euthanasia is permissible under strict guidelines.

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