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Monday, September 11

New eco-friendly cement LC3 contribute to reduce CO2

TNPSC Current Affairs - September 2017 by TNPSC Guru 
The New Eco-Friendly  Limestone Calcined Clay Cement or LC3 technology Cement Material which contribute less CO2 has been tested in Karen Scrivener’s lab at Swiss Federal Instituteof Technolgy at Lausanne, Switzerland collaboration with IIT Delhi ,Madras and TARA(Technology and Action for Rural Development)

About Emission and Replacement.
  • The major contributor to global Carbon dioxide emissions is Construction Industry.
  • Even though it is well known, developing Countries like India is very difficult to reduce the construction work because it needs to develop countries infrastructure.
  • The new method to reduce the emission is by use of Limestone Calcined Clay Cement or LC3 technology which is based on blend of Limestone and Calcined clay.
  • This method will effectively reduce 30 Per cent of CO2 emission compare to older technology.
  • In older technology, Limestone and materials like Clay has to heated together at high temperature around 1,450 C, that fuse without melting to give clinker. From this CO2 comes from both heating and breakdown of limestone into Co2, that accounts 60% of CO2 emissions
  • So to reduce emission, clinker has to be substituted with more calcined clay and Limestone, that helps to reduce emission by 30 %.
  • It is cost effective and does not require capital intensive modification in existing plants.

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